Have you ever spent a lot of time online trying to find an answer to a question or problem?

I often do. I’ll scour websites and forums to piece together what I need to find the solution, and then ultimately keep the information to myself. Well, not anymore! This site was created to share my findings with you and ultimately save you time in the end.

Why don’t you just reply to forums?

Forums are great and they allow a community of people to share information in an organized way. But the threads can get very long sometimes and people can get off-topic. It’s nice to see the history of the conversation, but you also want to get to the point. There are also a lot of forums for a lot of topics — I can’t be a member of all of them. I’d rather find out what I need to find out and be on my way. That said, I love to spend time reading through all of the posts. But this site is about saving time for you, not me.

What can I find here?

Advice, how-to guides, reviews, and answers.

What’s up with the name “UglyAdvice?”

It’s kind of a play on an improv game: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Advice. In that game, someone from the audience asks a question and three improv players answer it with good, bad, and ugly (really bad) advice. However, in this case of this site, the “Ugly Advice” is the best kind. I know, it’s a paradox. And the domain name was available.

Thank you for visiting!

Please stay tuned for more content to arrive. This is a brute-force effort, but if you have suggestions, please mention them on Facebook or Twitter: